Inventory Management

NKID is one of the leading warehousing companies in India.


Equipped with all essential infrastructures, OUR warehouses across India are dedicated to inventory management We have extensive experience and vast resources for fulfilling all your business requirements.



KPI Based Management


In order to have a 360° view of business investments in Warehouse Management, it is essential to develop a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for effective business decision.

How do we at TLIPL determine KPIs?
People, Cost, Space and Systems drive the performance inside the warehouse.

We follow the below activities under this services:

  • Receive
  • Check
  • Store
  • Pick-n-Pack
  • Dispatch

Process Flow


  • Creation of Maintenance Order
  • Removing Defective Equipment
  • Returning Defective material to the warehouse
  • Goods Issue for Maintenance Order
  • Activate Equipment
  • Order Confirmation

Order Fulfillment Management


At NKID we ensure the following under the Order Fulfillment Management Services:

  • National and regional distribution centres
  • Dedicated and shared-user operations
  • Automation and sortation
  • Specialized product storage and handling
  • Conventional and high-density storage
  • Retail mixing centre operations
  • Campus-based labour sharing
  • Warehouse management system integration
  • Labour management systems integration
  • On-site assembly and packaging services